Office of 研究及研究生课程

The office serves as the advocate for leadership in 研究 and graduate and professional education at the 道成肉身的大学 (UIW). In collaboration with administrators and 教师, ORGS提供战略方向, support and oversight to post-baccalaureate education and 研究 at UIW.


The Office of 研究 and Sponsored Projects Operations (ORSPO) administers the human 研究 protection program at UIW and provides administrative support to the 道成肉身的大学’s Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB ensures University compliance with federal, state, local and University regulations with regard to human subjects 研究.


Complete Human Subjects Training - CITI Training


The 大学研究委员会 (URC) exists to support the promotion and development of 研究 and other creative and scholarly activity at the 道成肉身的大学. Its role is to advise the Office of 研究及研究生课程 regarding 研究 development at the University. The council identifies the needs of the 教师, 学生 and other 研究ers; analyzes services, policies and procedures that affect 研究; and makes recommendations that, 在它看来, will facilitate the 研究 process and 研究 productivity at the University.



Writing specialists guide graduate 学生 in improving their writing skills and assist at any stage in the writing process.

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A graduate assistant is a graduate student who is hired by the 道成肉身的大学 to assist 教师 or administrators with their respective duties.

Graduate assistants are graduate 学生, first and foremost. Graduate assistantships provide financial assistance and educational and professional developmental opportunities for graduate 学生. Graduate assistants support the University in its teaching, 研究, 行政及服务任务.


Open to full-time and part-time graduate 学生 who are enrolled in their programs as defined by enrollment policy, who are in good academic standing and who satisfy continuous enrollment policies. Other eligibility conditions may be applied depending on the type and location of work performed. 如果学生的平均成绩低于3分.0 during any portion of the academic year, the student may be terminated by the department from the assistantship during that academic year. Students employed by the University in 教师 (including adjunct 教师 appointments) or staff positions are not eligible for assistantships. Graduate assistants may not concurrently work for more than one department/school/ college regardless of funding type.